Pole Dance Sport

Pole Dance Sport – is a new type of fitness, where где совмещены strength and dancing elements, acrobatics and plasticity. Pole is the best exercise machine for building a beautiful body. In order to practice POLE DANCE you don’t need to be a professional sportsman or have a sporting past. The purpose of our studio is to teach this art of any person. And that all is absolutely really! Pole is a fine alternative to fitness gym and aerobic fitness. In our workouts the maximum of time is put into functional training. The trainings develop muscles and plasticity of body, improve posture and also build tight and beautiful silhouette. The learning takes place gradually step by step. Initially we correctly perform basic and preparatory exercises, execute uncomplicated elements and simple pole tricks. For persons, that want to continue training are foreseen a learning of cascade elements, difficult strength tricks for stretching and flexibility, long acrobatic series. Coach selects an individual attention to every person, because everyone has different physical abilities. The learning takes place on the static and dynamic (spinning) poles. There is not any irrespective of age — the most is to stay young in mind!


Stretching is a type of fitness, it represents set exercises for stretching. Training in stretching suits to everyone irrespective of age and flexibility. The exercises relieve pain, induced by stress and tension in nervous system, inhibit the process of senescence of organism, promote preservation of muscle elasticity. Body becomes more flexible, improves a posture.

Pole kids

Pole kids (child Pole dance) is a new line in acrobatics for children. Pole trainings includes: warm-up activities, pumping exercises, stretching, full body warm up and different pole exercises. Pole dance give a chance to develop a body, strengthen core, improve stretching and simply have a good time. Plump children lose weight quickly. Pole dance makes children more organized and responsible, strong and purposeful and cultivates love for sport.